“A piece of history.”

History of Dutch Jewellery

Dutch Jewellery, or ‘Zeeuwse knoop’ or ‘Zeeuwse knop’ in Dutch, has a long history dating back to the time of the Dutch naval hero Michiel De Ruyter (1607-1676). Men wore the items on their shirts, waistcoat and their board as ‘throat button’. Later, women starting wearing these items as jewellery. They were used as hat pin or brooch. The items were made of silver or gold. Back then, the Dutch Jewellery was a status symbol: the larger the size of the item, the richer and more importantly the wearer. Every region in the Dutch province of Zeeland has its own embellishments added.

Our Zeeuwse knopen

Our Dutch Jewellery is handmade from the highest quality silver (925), bronze or gold. The big globe in the middle surrounded by smaller spheres and each finished with very fine thread work called filigree. The jewellery comes from Goes, Axel and other cities in Zeeland.

The backs of our jewellery exist of richly made filigree. Special attention is given to every detail. Because they are completely handmade, each Dutch Jewellery item is a unique work of art in itself. You can wear Dutch Jewellery in many styles: chic and elegant, but also hip and trendy. Tailored to your outfit, Dutch Jewellery will definitely add the finishing touch with allure.