Find the right ring size here.

Ring size advice

There are different ways to find your ring size. Two methods are presented here:

1.By using a ring of your own

All you need is one of your perfectly fitting rings. On our website ring sizes are in millimeters. Used to measure in inches? Then find more information down below.

  • Measure the diameter on the inside of the ring, from one side to the other. It’s important to remain on the inside of the ring.
  • Using the metric system, the number of millimeters is the size. The image shows a size 18

If you don’t use the metric system, please use this table:

Inches Ring size
0.63 inch 16 mm
0.65 inch 16.5 mm
0.67 inch 17 mm
0.69 inch 17.5 mm
0.71 inch 18 mm
0.73 inch 18.5 mm
0.75 inch 19 mm

2.Without using a ring of your own

If you don’t have a perfectly fitting ring, please use this method.
Have a piece of string and wind it around your finger once. Make sure it fits loosely, not too tight. Next, measure with a ruler the part of the string that was around your finger. Compare this circumference with the circumferences in one of the next tables (the first table is in millimeters, the second in inches) and find out your ring size.

Circumference in mm Ring size
50 mm 16 mm
52 mm 16.5 mm
54 mm 17 mm
55 mm 17.5 mm
56 mm 18 mm
58 mm 18,5 mm
60 mm 19 mm
Circumference in inches Ring size
1.97 inch 16 mm
2.05 inch 16,5 mm
2.13 inch 17 mm
2.17 inch 17,5 mm
2.2 inch 18 mm
2.28 inch 17 mm
2.36 inch 19 mm

Keep in mind:

  • Is your ring size in between two ring sizes? Then pick the larger one.
  • Room temperature is the best temperature to measure your ring size as cooler and warmer temperatures can make your fingers shrink or swell a little.