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Sterling Silver Ring with Origineel Zeeuwse Knop of 0.39inches (10mm) and Silver Pearl Edge


This ring is one of the finest in its class. The original traditional Zeeuwse Knop is marvelous, but the edge in the form of silver pearls makes it a real treat. Fully made by hand of the finest quality Sterling silver (925). Original Dutch.

Verdien tot20 Punten ter waarde van  10,00

– Sterling silver ring
– Original ‘Zeeuwse Knop’
– Sterling silver pearl edge
– Handmade
– Original Zeelandic and Dutch
– Finest quality Sterling silver (925) and oxidized
– Nickelfree and anti-allergic


15,5, 16, 16,5, 17, 17,5, 18, 18,5, 19, 19,5, 20, 20,5, 21