Its red, its beautiful and its common in Zeeland jewelry: red coral. But coral is seriously threatened and is having a very difficult time these days. Even though red coral is common and has a long history in Zeeland jewelry, this is enough reason for us – as the largest online store of Dutch jewelry from Zeeland – to immediately stop selling new jewelry with red coral.

Corals are actually small animals that look like colorful plants. A coral reef consists of thousands of these invertebrate animals called coral polyps. There are over 6,000 species of coral. On estimation, a quarter of marine life depends on coral reefs. Coral provides more than a million animal species with a habitat and place to give birth to the next generation.

Our jewelry turns its backs on red coral

Coral reefs do have economic, cultural and environmental benefits for people. Think of the fish that thrives there and is caught for human consumption. Or think about tourism; many people want to see and admire the coral reefs. But also consider ingredients for medicines that are extracted from coral. In addition, coral reefs form a natural barrier against storms, floods and erosion.

Red coral has been used in jewelry since the fifth century BC. It is said to provide protection against danger and the evil eye, bring financial prosperity and cure infertility.

Unfortunately, high demand for red coral for jewelry and destruction from unsustainable fishing methods – such as trawling – has endangered the species. The rate at which coral disappears is much faster than the rate at which it can recover. We at D’Allure cannot support that. That is why we turn our backs on red coral with our jewelry.