Golden Dutch Jewellery Pendant 0.31 inches (8mm)


Magnificent golden traditional Dutch Jewellery pendant, 0.31 inches (8mm) wide. Handmade, original ‘Zeeuwse Knop’ and of 14 Carat gold. Please view the pendant eye and the filigree at the back side of the pendant.

Reference: 4190690108

Condition: New product

– 0.31 inches (8mm) Dutch Jewellery pendant
– Handmade
– Original Zeeuwse Knop
– Entirely made out of 14 Carat gold (585)
– Beautifully made pendant eye
– Golden filigree on the backside of the pendant

– This pendant comes without a pendant necklace. Looking for a suitable pendant necklace? Please click here. –