Original Dutch Jewellery

by D’Allure




Dutch jewellery in a modern fashion. That is the foundation of D’Allure. We are a company in unique, handmade, high quality and original Dutch jewellery.


What is Dutch Jewellery?

Dutch Jewellery, or ‘Zeeuwse knoop’ or ‘Zeeuwse knop’ in Dutch, has a long history dating back to the time of the Dutch naval hero Michiel De Ruyter (1607-1676).

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Zeeuwse knoop
or Zeeuwse knop?

Dutch Jewellery is part of the beauty, pride and history of the Netherlands, especially the Zeeland province. Every single item is a piece of art by itself. Dutch Jewellery is loved by many people around the world for a reason. These beautiful little items bring so much joy in the lifes of so many.

Look very close at the items and discover all of their aspects. The large sphere in the middle, surrounded by smaller spheres. The filigrain artwork on the back. All of D’Allures Dutch Jewellery is made by hand of the finest quality silver, bronze or gold.

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